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Tankless or Traditional? Replace or Maintain?


JTR Plumbing carries both Residential and Commercial Water Heaters. We provide maintenance on your existing Water Heater and can help you choose the right Water Heater replacement. Tankless or Traditional? Our professional technicians will do a detailed evaluation of your home and help you make the choice that will be right for you and satisfy all of the features you would like in a water heater.

Water Heater Maintenance

Proper Maintenance on Your Water Heater can extend its life. Proper flushing of your Water Heater will extend its life, it is also recommended to check all of the safety shut off valves and copper connections. We can provide all of these services!

Water Heater Gas Lines

Moving your Existing Water Heater or Upgrading to a Larger One. You may be thinking about either moving your existing water heater or upgrading to a larger water heater. No matter what you do, a gas sizing of the system should be done. JTR Plumbing will install your water heater according to City Code.



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